I am a history teacher at the Dwight School in Seoul, South Korea, and hold a PhD in history from the University of Michigan. As a historian, I specialize in premodern Japanese social and environmental history.

I previously taught at NYU and CUNY as an adjunct professor, as a graduate teaching fellow at the University of Michigan and the University of Oregon, and at the International School of Brooklyn. I studied in Japan for a total of seven years, including four years as a visiting scholar at the University of Tokyo. In addition to my teaching duties, I am also working independently on several article-length research projects and translations for a chapter in the upcoming Cambridge History of Japan.

You can use this site to browse my academic interests, past presentations, and teaching history. Please use the links below for more detailed information, or to access some of my written works.

In addition to my focus as an educator and academic, I am also an avid amateur photographer, with particular interests in night-sky photography and time-lapse photography. I use various photo and video-editing software tools to create dynamic images and videos of my travels. I maintain separate sections of this site to showcase my photography and videography.


Full CV and Resume

Academia Profile

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Dissertation Abstract (2017)

Writing Sample (2018)

Major Written Works

Doctoral Dissertation (2017)

Master’s Thesis (2009)

Research Interests

  • Japanese and East Asian Studies
  • Environmental History
  • Kinship, Family, and Adoption
  • Social Networks, Inheritance, and Descent
  • Comparative Cultural Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Warfare and Society
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Ancient and Medieval History
  • Documentary History and Translation

Major Presentations

“Earth Over Blood: Nonbiological Kinship in Japan’s Early Medieval Warrior Class”
Co-organizer and presenter for the panel titled Staying Afloat: Creative Social Networking Practices in Medieval Japan. Washington D.C., Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, March 2018

“The Ichikawa: Family, Environment, and the ‘Periphery’ in Early Medieval Japan”
Boston College, New England Association for Asian Studies Conference, January 2017

“The Nejime Network and Medieval Japanese Kinship”
University of Michigan, Medieval and Early Modern Studies Fall Reception, September 2016

“The Geographic Environment and Warrior Succession in Medieval Shinano: The Case of the Ichikawa.”「中世信濃国における地理的環境と武家の相続―中野・市河氏を 題材に」
University of Tokyo Historiographical Institute, Foreign Research Scholar Presentation Conference Series, November 2013 (Presented in Japanese)

“Currents in the Japanese Historiography of Land and Rulership in the Early Medieval Period” 「土地と支配を中心とする中世前期日本歴史学・歴史叙述の流れ」
Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies, Year End Presentations, May 2011

“Warrior Family in the Kamakura Period: The Goseibai Shikimoku and Case Studies”
Co-organizer and presenter, University of Oregon, History Department Graduate Student Conference, May 2008

Teaching  Experience

August 2020 – Present – Teacher, Dwight School Seoul, specializing in DP History, DP Theory of Knowledge, and MYP Individuals and Societies

January 2020 – June 2020 – Adjunct Professor of History, City Unity of New York, LaGuardia Community College

September 2019 – December 2019 – Adjunct Instructor of Asian Studies, New York University School of Professional Studies

January 2019-May 2019 – PYP 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher, The International School of Brooklyn

October 2018-January 2019 – MYP Individuals and Societies Teacher, The International School of Brooklyn

History 195 – “Warriors in Medieval Japan: Approaches to the Early Samurai”
Winter 2017: Instructor of Record, University of Michigan

International Studies / Geography 101 – “Introduction to International Studies”
Fall 2016: Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan

History / Asian Studies 204 – “East Asia: Early Transformations”
Fall 2011: Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan

History 191 – “China, Past and Present”
Winter 2009: Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Oregon

History 396 – “Samurai in Film”
Fall 2009: Grader and Guest Lecturer, University of Oregon

History 192 – “Japan, Past and Present”
Spring 2008: Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Oregon

History 105 – “World History II: The Early Modern World”
Winter 2008: Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Oregon

History 190 – “Foundations of East Asian Civilizations”
Fall 2007: Graduate Teaching Fellow, University of Oregon

Research Experience

Visiting Foreign Researcher, University of Tokyo, Historiographical Institute, July 2012 – July 2016

Student / Visiting Researcher, Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies, June 2010 – August 2011

Exchange Student, Waseda University (SILS Program), August 2004 –  June 2005

Grants, Awards, and Honors

  • Doris G. Quinn Fellowship, 2017
  • Japan Foundation Doctoral Fellowship, Japan Foundation, 2013
  • Fulbright Doctoral Fellowship, Fulbright Foundation, 2012


  • Instructor Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2017
  • Graduate Student Instructor Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2016
  • MEMS Summer Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2106
  • History Department Endowment Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2015
  • Regents Candidacy Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2014
  • Summer Research Fellowship, Center for Japanese Studies (U of M), 2011
  • Year-Long Language Fellowship, Center for Japanese Studies (U of M), 2010
  • Summer Fellowship, Department of History, University of Michigan, 2010
  • Mellon Summer Fellowship, Center for Japanese Studies (U of M), 2010
  • Graduate Student Instructor Fellowship, Univ. of Michigan, 2009-2010
  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship, University of Oregon, 2007-2009